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You wouldn't be human if you didn't worry about handing over your hard earned money when it comes to hiring a trades person.


​We’ve all heard rumours of someone who knows someone who has either ended up not receiving the goods they had paid for, with work that was sub-par, less than satisfactory or just plain dangerous because they don’t have the right training, qualifications or licensing behind them.


At MRC Landscapes we believe that transparency and honesty with our clients' is key to a harmoniums working relationship. We also up hold this belief by ensuring our structural landscaping licence is kept current. 

Not only is word of mouth vital when looking for your next trades person but it is imperative that you check the trades person you plan to engage by using this simple step with NSW Fair Trading, click here to check us out!

This simple step is your peace of mind that we have undergone the relevant qualifications to perform our trade and provides you with a safety net to minimise the risk of handing over your valuable money and getting substandard results.

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