• Loren Collins

How to design a Landscaped yard for cooling.

HEATWAVE! I know you hear me – you head outside and the heat envelopes your entire body, you want to turn and run for the nearest air-conditioned space. But what if we told you that there are a number of ways to create a yard that can maximise the cool spots.

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From your colour choices, the size of the trees you plant and where you plant them these can all play an integral role in optimising the natural cool elements.

When designing your outdoor area you want to identify the areas that receive full sun for the largest part of the day and take note of the areas that are naturally shadier. We want to take advantage of these natural shady spots as the ground underneath these areas will not absorb the heat anywhere near as much as the areas that are taking the brunt of the sun for larger portions of the day.

When creating a permanent shade structure or entertaining area such as a patio or deck you will want to ensure that it is in an area that you can use year round. Think about any existing structures like a pool, bbq area, garden shed or even a cool area of the yard that would entice you to sit, relax and unwind. These are areas in your yard that you will want to maximise the sun protection during the summer so you can reap the benefit of enjoyment on even the hottest of days.

Did you know that your paving colour choice can impact the ambient air temperature by either reflecting or retaining the heat on the grounds surface?

If we start from the ground up the material and colour choice that we make to lay can make a big impact on heat absorption. When paving choose a lighter coloured material as they tend not to absorb as much of the summer heat.

Utilising Mother Nature’s gifts of existing trees or by planting ones with broad and dense leafage can also lower the ambient air temperature and provide a wide range of shade, they are certainly the best natural method of creating a cooling effect!

Don’t forget when planting these broad and dense leafage trees that they are in such a position that as they grow they will block the late-day and afternoon sun.

As air circulation will help us to feel cool it is imperative that you have good air flow in the area in which you want to sit and enjoy the outdoors. A wall or fence that allows for the passage of air to flow through is key to keeping cool if an overhead fan isn’t an option! Utilising vertical timber slat style fencing or decorative screens in this area is a great option for screening and privatising your space without hindering the air flow.

Now it’s no fun if you’re trying to rest and relax and take in the tail end of the summer days in your cool entertaining space if your outlook is an untidy and unkempt yard so join us on our next blog which will be Late Summer Landscaping Tips and Tricks.

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